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What is Mobile App Security? 5 Best Practice for Your Business

Mobile applications generate a tremendous amount of data about us and our lives. So, ensuring apps create and use this information in a secure way is paramount. Otherwise, insecure applications are an easy route for a malicious act to steal and sell your personal information. In addition, there are other mobile solutions that can deliver significant benefits. App development platforms provide the tools to create applications in a single location.

  • To close security gaps, look for a tool that can unite disparate IT systems.
  • Be sure you use secure passwords and two-factor authentication, update apps regularly, only grant necessary permissions, and avoid downloading apps from third-party sources.
  • If developers use sensitive data for testing, they often are out of compliance.
  • Businesses suffer irreparable loss when their customers leave them because of a security incident, as they’re almost unlikely to return to them for business.
  • However, today’s mobile security trends create new challenges and opportunities, which require a redefinition of security for personal computing devices.

Since the stand-alone price for SecureLine is $60 per year, paying an extra $20 on top of the premium Android antivirus tier for unlimited VPN data is not a bad deal. The built-in VPN client gives you only 200MB of free data per data — just enough to check your email while traveling. Bitdefender Mobile Security offers a 14-day trial period, but this is not a freemium app. The separate Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android app (which is indeed totally free) only scans for malware.

ESET Internet Security

Developers tend to ignore the use of LocalBroadcastManager to send and receive messages for legitimate apps, thus creating a security lacuna. Mobile apps are not designed to serve as anti-viruses or to transmit data securely over the internet. Rather they focus on a smooth interface and provide the best functionality to users. Similarly installing an antivirus app may secure the network and prevent attacks on a device, but it cannot provide protection against weak passwords or a poorly designed app. Because of the rapid advancements in the functionalities of the apps, the ground for security vulnerabilities also gets bigger and bigger. Given the risks of hackers impersonating the users, it’s best to have an added layer of security on your mobile application by implementing multi-factor authentication.

mobile app security

To protect data from email-based cyber threats such as malware, identity theft and phishing scams, organizations need to monitor email traffic proactively. Adequate email protection includes antivirus, antispam, image control and content control services. Mobile apps have the power to compromise data privacy through excessive app permissions.

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Nearly half (44%) of users don’t fully trust digital services, finds McKinsey & Company, which says organizations can increase trust by investing in increased privacy and security. ThreatFabric says Anatsa poses as PDF viewers and other file managing applications because these types of apps already have advanced permissions to remove or modify other files on the host device. The company estimates the people behind Anatsa have delivered more than 30,000 installations mobile app security of their banking trojan via ongoing Google Play Store malware campaigns. Before joining the team, he wrote for ITProPortal while living in Korea and later for TechRadar Pro after moving back to the US. Based in Houston, Texas, when he’s not writing Anthony can be found tinkering with PCs and game consoles, managing cables and upgrading his smart home. Some of Avast’s anti-theft functions didn’t work for us, and its call-blocking feature didn’t work at all.

mobile app security

Norton’s killer feature is the unique App Advisor, which checks apps on your device for heavy data usage and unusual behavior. It also checks apps in the Google Play Store for security and privacy risks even before you install them. Transform how IT secures laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) while ensuring a great user experience. IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson protects devices, apps, content and data so you can rapidly scale your remote workforce and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. Mobile device management (MDM) is a proven methodology and toolset used to provide a workforce mobile productivity tools and applications while keeping corporate data secure.

How to choose the best Android antivirus app for you

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If you need some help, contact any mobile app development company which can guide you through the process. This process consists of detecting jailbroken phones and preventing access to other services when needed. Combining password-based authentication with a client certificate, device ID, or one-time password significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access. You can also implement time-of-day and location-based restrictions to prevent fraud. The top paid tier, “Plus,” costs $80 per year and gives you the Standard features plus unlimited VPN access, but only for that single phone or tablet. You can get one of the best VPN services to cover all your devices for less.


Authentication includes verifying that the user is legitimate and authorization includes matching validated user credentials to the authorized user list. Encryption involves encrypting sensitive data at all times and logging means identifying unauthorized access in the event of a breach. After all, mobile application security doesn’t affect only the people who use mobile apps, however. In fact, 40% of businesses view mobile devices as their company’s biggest IT security threat, according to the Verizon Mobile Security Index 2021. Of the rest, 85% say mobile devices are at least as vulnerable as other IT systems. And during the testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a substantial rise of around 600% in the number of cybercrimes across the world.

The hybrid architecture allows the usage of cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin and Flutter. Sensitive activities in hybrid applications can be carried out using native tools. For example, when the developer does not secure exported services or issues a wrong flag to an API call, their app stands exposed to hackers. Hackers tend to snoop on Android devices to receive BroadcastReceiver instances which are meant for legitimate apps.

Mobile App Security Threats and Ways to Mitigate Them

Test trophies or no, McAfee’s awesome unlimited licensing makes it an impressive choice. Your subscription lets you install McAfee protection on every Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS device in your household. The user’s device could be compromised even if the user did not accept the call. Once infected, the spyware could send almost all data ₋ including contact lists, GPS information, media files, etc from the device to the hacker’s server. To continue, upgrade to a supported browser or, for the finest experience, download the mobile app.

mobile app security

Malware can be detected using virtual sandboxing or signature-based scanning tools. For mobile workspace or virtual mobile solutions, perform malware scans on the server. Paying users get automatic scans of new apps, an app lock and blocking of known phishing websites. There’s no Wi-Fi network scanner and none of the privacy tools that other Android antivirus apps now offer.

Manage Keys Securely

MAS said it will work with the banks to learn from these experiences and continue to enhance their security features. IT infrastructure can be vast and complex, spanning multiple clouds, networks, apps, and systems. Cybercriminals often try to exploit these scattered systems to launch attacks. By taking a proactive approach that uses real-time data monitoring, you can stop cybercriminals before they have a chance to harm your business.


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